Thursday, 7 August 2014

8 Ways to love yourself #Selflove

Hello to everyone that is reading this right now. Welcome to my world if this is the firts time you are one of my post. And sorry to the one that have been reading the blog, I haven't wrote
in more than two weeks or less, I've been dealing with selfloving and finding a job. I promise I'll be writng more often.

This new post is about learning to love our self, something I've been trying to do latelly and is not easy. I watch all Andrea Lewis videos on Youtube and she has been such and inspiration to me. One of her last videos was about the ways we can learn to love ourselfs and I loves this video and decided to write about it too. So, I'm going to mention the 8 ways she talked about and give me opinion and own experience doing it.

1. Accep what it is

Is about accepting who you are, how your life is, what you are doing and where you are. Don't worry because it is not what you want or wish it was. Living just in the present, not in the past or future, not thinking too much about those last thing will make your life less stressful and will make you more happy.

I've been doing this for the last month and it works! I'm jut living the moment, just thinking about what is happening now and it makes me more happy. But I have to admit that I think about the future because is not easy forget that I have a college to go back in a month and I need the money to pay it.

2.Be kind to yourself

Find thing that you love about yourself and complimet  yourself sometimes.
I'm trying to do this bout is not easy I still not liking lot of thing about me. But my skin is somthing I really love about myself, so at least I found something.

3. Release your guilt and fear 

Know what you feel guilt or fear for and think how can you change it. What can you do to put a solution to this? Making a list about the fear and guilts and another of how can you chage it can make it easier. 
I haven't do this yet bot I'll during those days.

4. Let go of control

Don't worry about thing you can't change, that are not in your control. 
Is hard for me because I worry to much about the world and all that is happening latelly and always think how can chage it. 

5. Visualize what's important to you

Know what is important to you, what you love and want to do. 
This is the one that I've been doing the most. I try to know if something is really important to me, if what I'm doing is important, if it is what I love. It happend with the college I transfer myself to another one and I realise that it wasn't what I want, so now I'm coming back to the one I started my degree in and I think about doing another degree also. My blog is important to me, so I decided to start it. 

6. Focus on your life energy force

Focus on what is you porpouse in this world, living a life of porpuse. Focus on what you are giving to people, the energy.

7. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Let your emotions flow. If you feel like crying, do it. If you loke someone don't be asheme of it. Just be you with all your feeling.

8. Find what doesn't serve you or interest you and let it go

If you don't like doing something just stop doing it. If you don't like going to some places with some people just don't go. If a friend doesn't serve you or is causing trouble or is not the friend you thought he/she was, let it go. The same if you are in a relationship that doen't make you happy.
I personally did this and I feel better, I have no stress over some people being in my life or things. 

Hope this help you and if you want to share your selflove story be free to do it in the comment section. 

XO, Luz. 

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