Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Back to the blogging and wanting to end the year being confident

Hello, it's been a while since my last post, I've been feeling really down and depresed but I just want to re-build myself, my confidence and do the the things I want to do but been always afraid of doing.

I decided
that I will end this year being confident or at least more confident than whar I am now! Soemetime I feel reallt like not doing anything, ugly, not worth it, not loved, like my dreams are just to stupid to come true, things like this and I realise that those thing are just in my mind that I can do whatever I want if I go for it or least I can try and it doesn't work it will be a leason to learn, but I shouldn't feel like I already lost the match when I'm in the dreassing room.

I know some people feel like that too and even worst, so I need to prove myself that I can, that is just something my mind tells me not something that is real, and maybe, just maybe help those people feeling like me know the can too (don't know maybe I'm being a dreamer about this).

I promise myself to feel better, to take photos of myself and post it, to write about my feelings, to go out and meet people, to work hard, to study and do my best to be what I wanr to do, to love myself like no one would do it and to let people know how I feel about them. And I will start today, not tomorrow!! 

Maybe I will do a section of the blog just about me being confident. I will post more ofthen, hope you can help me or I can help you in anything we can.


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