Friday, 11 July 2014

080 Barcelona Fashion SS15 (Part.1)

      Fist of all wanna say thank you to all the brands that invited my to their show. And also to Neus for the photos. 

I decided to make 3 or 4 parts post about Barcelona's Fashion Week SS15. The first one is about my favorites brands and looks, the second one is about my favourite looks for male fashion, the 3rd one is for my favourite child looks and the last one the brands and look I do not like.


My favourite brands are Celia Vela and Aldomartins, those are the one that always are in my top 5.

  Let's start with the one that I will always love, Celia Vela. Is a catalan designer that since 1996 have been showing her designs at the Barcelona Fashion Week and in Japan since 1999, having a showroom in Tokio. Her pieces are very feminism and awesome, I always like them, it jus not the pieces os clothes is also they way she put it together in the catwalk, make, hairstyles and more. This brand have the kind of clothes I will buy for every season, but keeping it real I do not have the money.

  Her clothes for the spring and summer 2015 are just perfect and sexy. The colour that is the star of this season is the grey, one of the colour that we have been seeing since 2013, and I really love.

Here we have my favourite looks.

  My other favourite of this fashion week have been Aldomartins. Aldo Martin SA started his business career in 1975 with Martí Bisbal, its founder. From 1998 the brand began its international career at the prêt-à-porter in Paris. Nuria Bisbal joined the family business in 1997 and leads to the present field of creative of brand.

   This brand have lot of pieces that I personally love but not all of them, it has a young touch but not in all the clothes they have. Last edition I really enjoyed their show and some of the looks but this last one have been my favorite because of the theme and looks. This collection was inspired by the nature of oriental art. Cherry blossoms, lotus, orchids and branches in motion. Flowers are reinterpreted in a modern geometric style and create optical illusions. The designs of a cool summer style, break with vibrant colors that give strength to the spirit of Aldomartins.

Here we have the looks and pieces that I would buy, of course having the money to.

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