Tuesday, 22 July 2014


  I've been hearing and seeing videos about DETOX. Everybody is drinking green juices,
making different types of juices and talking about them. But DETOX is not just doing juices.

  I decided to Detox myself, and that means drinking green juices of course but also, leaving all toxic things behind, workingout, cleaning wardrobe and room, writing, working in the things I really love and being happy. I take this journey as a growing journey because I'm learning a lot of things and leaving that teenager life behind, I'm just 20 but somethings that happend made me growth and open my eyes and know what I really am and want. But in this post I'm just going to talk about green juices..

There are differents recipes, everybody makes their own juices. But the ingredients are similars.

The bases of the juices are vegetables and fruits. My favourites are apple, pineapple, lemon, orange, carrots, spinach and cucumber. Depending on how much sweet fruit you put on it will have a good taste or not.

Also water with fruits are good and fresh during those hot summer days. The fruit give some flavour to the water and it makes it easier for some people to drink water. We need to drink a lot of water, it helps to lose weight and, help the skin and detox the body, I drink 1,5L of water at day or I just try. I'm avoiding drinks with gases like coca cola, and also the alcohol, it does not mean I wouldn't drink something if I go out with friends. 

I try to have some of this 10 snacks! Well, the grapefruit and celery are not in my diet yet but I'll try to make them fit on it during the next month.

   Hope it helps you in some type of way, english is not my maternal language I'm just learning so it's not gonna be perfect, I'll improve, but meanwhile you can ask me if you don't understand something or want more info about the Detox process.

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