Monday, 21 July 2014

Write It Down A Paper

I started this journey, having a blog and expressing myself and gaining self love two months ago and I've been trying to buy notebooks to start writing my ideas,
believe me I have lots but If I do not write it down I just let them go.

Today, monday, I went shopping some food and I decided to go buying the notebooks I need, "now or never!", I thought. I went to Tiger an amazing place, trust me I can spend and 1 hour or more just thinking what to buy because they have good stuff. Is a small shop but have a lot of thing for home, decors, notebooks, pencils, colours, headphones, iPad and Iphone accessories, toy, kitchen tools and more. Just perfect, and the price is really good, is cheap but with good quality.

I bought a small note book to carry in my bag. Is perfect to write while I'm not home, I'm in the bus or metro or where ever I have an idea, basically! Is black and the pages have 6 colours, I love them all, especially the orange ones.
An medium sized notebook. I couldn't decide which one but, there were some cute notebooks, with different colours but I saw this one and loved the cartoon, funny and different, so I bought that one.

I bought also an small/medium sketchbook, thought I can write there too or do some painting, I'm not too good on that but I'll do my best. Is perfect to write ideas about the blog and the youtube channel I'll have next month, if I can.
And last and almost least are the memo pads, I found it cute and thought I could use it in some type of way, don't know for sure. I can't help it but buy things I really don't need. Maybe I'll give them away.

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