Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Light vs Dark Skin Topic

I'll start this pot saying that is ONE OF THE MOST STUPID AND DISGUSTING THING EVER! With this said
let's start. Sorry I'm not good expressing myself in englishl but I'll try to do it the way you can understand me, if you can't ask me at the comments section.

I've been seeing this light skin vs dark skin thing all around networks and I need to let my thoughts flow. First of all this really disappoint me more because are mostly the black people who make that difference of their race, being themselves racist with their race. Sometime I think that racism still exist because the black community or however you want to call it, have their intern racist war, they do not like each other, I mean not everyone is like that, just talking about some.

One of the most common and annoying things is this "bad" and "good hair" thing. What's good or bad?? Do the curly or afro hair need to be relaxed? Do women need wigs? Does it make one better than the other? I personally think that no one is better than other because of their hair, having different types of hair is good, you are different and unique! No one can say they are like you!

The other difference that  people make is about the colour of the skin. Does it really matter having lighter skin or darker? Is one better than the other? NO!! The skin colour is something that as the hair make you unique and beautiful. There's no need to look like someone else. The different tones of black skin are beautiful and people need to be proud of this! Having a light skin tone doesn't make someone better than one with dark skin tone. Is like if you hate the pink tone that is darker than the rest and think the lighter one is way better! BOTH ARE THE SAME COLOUR, JUST DIFFERENT TONE! If you hate pink, you hate all the types of pink (that's how think)!

I'M A BLACK GIRL! AND LOVE IT! I born this way and would do it again. I personally have different tone of skin colours, I'm lighter at the legs and chest and my arms and face are a little bit darker. When is summer I tend to have a darker tone, and I like it. People may put me at the "medium or light skin" tipe of black girl zone. But I think I'm just black!! AGAIN DOESN'T MATTER THE TONE!! I still black! My hair is curly, and different! I personally change the colour of my hair depend of the season of the year, in summer a dark tone make give me headache because of the sun, so I make it lighter. However I love being black and I'm proud about it!

I don't want this post to be more extended, I still have thing to say but I'll make another one. If you have questions or thoughts about the post let me know.

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