Tuesday, 22 July 2014


   I'm not working out just to look good but to feel good, is not that I'm not eating, I do, I just do it healthy. I love my body because I can lose weight really fast and also gained it, but I never try to look slim, I was during some years but now I have 20 my body change I have more curves and I love it.

 I love dance and I use to do gymnastics, and I know how to work my body and what not to do. I'm not very strong. Whatever I work out almost everyday, just a little bit, sometimes I do really hard workouts. I watch some videos on youtube, instagram and also there's an app that is like a personal trainer and tells you what to do just by telling what part of the body you wanna work in and for how long, etc, tha name is Pump. You can see people pictures and they reach their goals and you can also share your journey with them, really helps.

   I do a lot of legs and abs workouts and some days just all the body. I try to run, I have a puppy so it make sit easier because he needs and love running. I'm not a pro on workouts routine but I do my best. My goal is to tone my legs and abs in 2 months and I've seen results in almost a month, as I said my body is fast toning and losing weight. During this summer I haven't been is the beach or pool yet is just I have not time and want my body to be perfect the day I went, I have some issues with how when I'm wearing bikini, I'm trying to love myself more. However I'll be going next month!!

Here you have the routine I've been doing during this last days and I'm loving how much it works. 
Is for the lower belly by the way. 

I love blogilates videos and I incorporate some of them in my routine,

If you want to know more about my workout routine just ask. I'll try to make a video or do a post about it!

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